Monday, July 21, 2014

Evergreen Fitness crew in STP bike ride - Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader: Sports Rec

Evergreen Fitness crew in STP bike ride - Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader: Sports Rec

Monday, June 2, 2014


Mothers Day 2012
Mothers Day 2013
May 31, 2014 marks the 2nd anniversary of this lifestyle change. While I find it CRAZY that it's been 2 years already, it also feels like I have only just begun....

Here's a brief look back:
I lost 75 pounds in 7 months, from 5/31/12 to 12/31/12.
I decided early on in my new healthier life I wanted to run in the Vancouver Half Marathon, it was in June of 2013.
I started small that November with my local Turkey Trot 5k, New Years Day 10 then a 15K in March. In April, I suffered a torn hamstring that set me back 6 weeks, that meant NO running, NO spin class and NO leg pushing workouts. Of which there were many!

Vancouver Half was on Fathers Day 2013, 6 weeks to the day of the injury. I opted to try, just get a feel for a light jog and see how my leg/hamstring would do. It felt better than I expected, though, still enough hesitation I encouraged my friend/running partner to 'push ahead' and not wait on me. And, happily, despite some agonizing pain those last 3 miles, I finished! Celebration time!!  It was as if ALL THIS TIME I was getting ready for this event. Then it was over, now what?
Patty & I with my darling husband after finishing the Vancouver Half

Then, I got the bug to start cycling, I mean, 'real cycling' with a 'big girl bike'. LOL! Not my old heavy steel mountain bike, but, with a road bike. The light weight kind, complete with skinny tires and all. Enter Buffy, my Cannondale Synapse. She and I have been inseparable!I went on to compete in the Athlete Iron Girl in Seattle that August, then in September the Tour de Blast bike ride up Mount St. Helens.

Me on Buffy
 OK, so now what?

April of 2013 I hit my all time low of 82 pound weight-loss. It was short lived. I have had a goal of a 100 pound weight-loss and yet my body said, NU-UH!

By the Winter 2013 I had put back on about 10-12 pounds, and here I am on June 2, 2014 and still at that same number. Not the 82 pound loss but at about 67-68 pound loss.

Fluffy me with my oldest son - to - Buff

Glad to not have gained it ALL BACK, yet, struggling to get the rest of it gone. My whole exercise regime has fluctuated greatly the past 6 months and running hasn't been at the forefront.

I know, some of my struggles are directly related to age and hormones. My sleep has been such a severe issue these past two years, I know it's not helping either.

Bottom line though, through this lifestyle change I have learned a lot about:

*Healthy/clean eating.

*Exercising IS vital.

*Having the love & support of my family helps greatly!

*There are good days and days that I struggle, but as long as I KNOW how to get back on track(which I do) and KNOW that the occasional slip-up doesn't mean the end of the world, it's all A-OK!

*To give myself a break, notice I have said "Lifestyle Change", it means it IS a lifestyle, not a diet, not a fad, but a commitment to myself, that I AM WORTH IT!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Endomondo Cycling Workout

Clycling on the Olympic Discovery Trail with my son Aaron & biking buddy Lester.
The view of the Olympics was majestic, my impromtu picture with gloved hands that couldn't zoom the camera don't do them justice.  Simply breathtaking!

Beyond the dairy farm is the Olympics

Lester & I  got 42.50 miles in 3h:15m:43s tracked using Endomondo.
Burned over 4,000 calories. While my amazing son who's been biking his whole life since the age of 4 and dirtbiking since the age of 8 has been on this racing/road bike just a few times. Tuesday we did 17 miles, today he did 37 miles!

First long ride for Aaron & I am SUPER PROUD of him!
We rode the Discovery Trail on Tuesday 3/18/14 & got about 17 miles, the climbing was a little tougher on him due to his unhealthy habit of smoking. But, he's committed to quiting, YEA!!

The Boy showing his Momma some love!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Beginnings and Endings....

Friends come into our lives and sometimes, sadly they leave, unexpectedly....

February 7, 2014 I received a sad message from a fellow alumni, she was letting me know of a classmates passing.  Stunned and shocked to hear that not only was she my classmate, Julie was a good friend, and she was gone....

I had just driven my daughter to school when I saw the notification, I pulled over saw the words and all I could do was cry. What do you MEAN, she's gone? No way! How, when, why?!? So many questions. I had almost no answers, except she had been found by her parents after they had not heard from her for a  few days. Oh Julie, my heart hurts. It hurts for her family, her son, for all those who loved and cared for her.

Julie and I met when we were just little kiddos in 3rd grade, a long time ago! We lost tough for a few years, but once in junior high and high school, we maintained a great friendship. Sadly we lost touch after high school, but quickly picked up where we left off after 25 years when we were in the midst of planning our 25th high school reunion(in 2008-2009) Here it is 5 years later and I'm right in the middle of planning my 30th reunion...

Julie(who's gone now), Jodi, Me(at my heaviest), Mary & Julie...these were & are some of my closest friends from school.

I was going to call Julie to ask for her involvement. I KNOW she would have loved to be help. I kept thinking about her and calling, then it was to late...that was a tough pill to swallow!

I waited too long...

September 2013: me, Lu, Julie & Jodi

I know Julie was looking at all that showed to celebrate her life and no doubt giving some "high 5's". We packed the place Julie, so many classmates, friends and family showed out of love and care for you.

           Celebrating our friend...

Julie had a soft spot for the underdog, in all aspects of life, be it human or animal, she was an advocate. Bless her for giving all that she could, to who needed it most.

High school, circa 1983-84: Michelle, Debby, Jodi, me, Mary & Julie.

We shared so many laughs and fun times from a young age through junior high and into high school. Julie fought Leukemia as a young girl in the 4th grade and beat it. While her life was a tough battle from a young age, she wasn't a complainer.

Yep, Jules, sure am sorry you're gone from us, but your memory is forever alive and we'll not forget....

One bit of advice: Don't wait! Pick up the phone, send an email & reach out. You never know when it's to late.

Love you my friend ❤️

Monday, December 2, 2013

Bump in the Road

Is this but a bump in the road or  a mountain completely blocking the road? IDK? I do know this, 2013 has been an up and down kind of say the least...

I made a decision today after months of struggles to get back on that horse! So glad I did.

Suffice to say, I've been in quite a slump for months. Yet, looking back over 2013 and the 'big picture' you'd think I would be bouncing off the walls...this once ubber-fluffy wife & mom couldn't run a mile let alone a half-marathon. But I did. I never rode a bike, albeit a cheap mountain bike, more than 12 miles. Now? I've ridden Buffy over 60 miles(at once) for fun, did Tour De Blast ride up Mt St. Helens (54 of the 82 miles) Ran my first 10K, 15K, Half-Marathon, Iron Girl Tri-Athlon

Athlete Iron Girl 2013 - Seattle, WA
1/2 mile swim/12 mile bike ride/5K run

My training partner Vicki & I just after finishing.
While my time stunk in the swim, I kicked in high gear for the ride and did ok in the run. But, crossing that finish line was an AMAZING feeling!

Mile 27 and I reached 3000 foot elevation. The last 9-10 of those miles were TORTURE!
You'd think, oh, easy-peasy to ride back down 27 miles...except it wasn't ALL downhill! There was plenty of climbing those first 16 miles, many ups & downs...
Shari and I did this together and boy were we thrilled with our accomplishment!

Shari and I just before taking off....

My road bike's name...Buffy the Fat Slayer

Those few hours of intense climbing were the dig deep, suck it up, self-talk I ever had...ok, well, except the last 3 miles of my half marathon when I was in such agony and bout's of bawling like a baby all the while running despite the pain...ya, I've learned a few lessons in 2013.

Sometimes the pain can stop you... or, not... knowing you can push through, is the single.most.amazing.feeling.EVER!

So much more to say...

All time heaviest & a size 22-24 woman
Sans 80 pounds & in a size 12

For now, I'll leave you with this...when that little voice of self-doubt starts to creep in and fill your head with nonsense....
.........................Tell it to SHUT UP!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Hannah


My running partner Vicki & Hannah
My girl, is A-mazing! She's been bitten by the running bug...

In May, Hannah ran in our towns annual Rhody Run 12k, her first ever event.  While I was suppose to run it with her, I was sidelined with my torn hamstring. Such an exciting moment seeing her enter the park and make that last jaunt around the field, I couldn't have been more proud of my girl!

In June we went to Vancouver, WA for my half marathon with the Medical advice to not push myself while my hamstring was still healing. Hannah was staunchly against me doing it, she was worried I would injure myself further. But, I knew I had to I set out to do it I knew I had the first couple of miles to change my mind(if I needed to stop)...of course I didn't change my mind! I did it, all 13.1 miles, though my body wouldn't let me run the entire race, I ran most of it...I was in agony those last 3 miles and in tears most of them, but I kept going. Seeing Hannah at the last block before crossing the finish line brought more tears to my eyes, she has been SO supportive of me, she's been my #1 fan, along with Gary and Aaron! I think Hannah seeing me get through the half was a turning point for her. She said right then and there she WAS going to do it with me next year! How awesome is that?

My daughter & my amazing supporter!

The end of July we ran in the Seattle Torchlight 8k with my dear friend Shari along with many of her family members. Though it was a tough run for me, Hannah did awesome! All and all it was a fun night and once again reinforced in Hannah she wants to RUN!

The 'girls' getting ready for the Seattle Torchlight 8k, ARGH Matey!

Fast forward to the end of summer and her PTHS-Cross Country Team started practicing every day. Within the first week she started having IT Band issues...she was devastated and I, her Mom was heartbroken. I knew the pain all to well and while it kept me from running, I hoped and prayed there would be relief for her. She needed to be able to run every single day, except she couldn't. Thankfully with foam rolling and some specialized help in our local swimming pool she is feeling much improvement.  Today as I picked her up she shouted out "Mom, I got to RUN today!!" While she didn't get to run as many miles as she had hoped she did get to run...


Oh my girl, she's a runner  & I am one super proud Momma!!